VDO – Believers


Nada es gratis, la ilusión solo es imaginación.
La democracia, hay que pagarla.

Por la noche Simón en el bar de del hotel cuenta a SickBoy & La Tripulación, es mas barato una buena Vagina Dentata como estas de a lado, con cara de modositas.
Os follaran sin sentimientos les gusta dar, comer y dejaros en la cama, hechos polvo.
Sin sentimientos. Saves por lo que pagas y lo que obtienes.

Amaneciendo y lloviendo, todos creemos en lo mismo.

☣ 325 Radikal Mannequin Skywalker

    • Escarramán
    • 30/11/11

    we’re believers!

    • If the man was enitnding on raping a woman and then leaving her alone what are the odds that, once he pulls his penis out and sees he has a set of dentures on his dick that has to be surgically removed, it turns into a much more violent rape? I’m talking murder here. If not murder some serious beating. What I think should be done is in P.E., when a girl is growing up, they should start teaching them preventative measures. Even if this is some form of martial arts. Maybe even the whistle thing, or telling them to shout fire, or identifying how not to end up in dangerous situations. I think it would be much more intimidating if every woman in a country knew krav maga. You’re going to rape me? How bout I leave you bleeding in a gutter?

  1. empty room

    • Lora
    • 15/05/13

    Coool blog

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